Expert Authentication

EKC Luxury are proud of our flawless authenticity record and in depth expert authentication process.

It is our pleasure to share with you our brand exclusive 10 point check:

Material: Does the thickness and finish reflect the brand standard?

Weight: Is the bag too light / heavy when carried?

Manufacture: How are the panels put together and finished? Is the printing crisp and finely finished?

Hardware: Is the metal plating / precious metal thick enough? Is there any unusual tarnishing / peeling? Is it the right colour for that piece? In the right place? Is it the correct brand font?

Clasps: How does the bag open and close? Is the clasp firm and sturdy?

Look: What is the shape like? Does the bag ’sit’ as it should?

Feel: Is there a quality feel to the overall bag?

Stitching: Is this industry standard? Is it the correct thickness/going in the right direction/hand vs machine stitched. Is the stitch count high enough?

Accompaniments: What does it come with? Is the dust bag / box / paperwork etc correct, original and authentic.

Stamps: Does the bag have the correct; serial numbers, date stamp and brand stamps?

For authentication services or to book our expert for corporate or leisure lectures please get in touch via our contact page.

Charlotte Rogers